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(Any1 know why half my film comes out with these borders?) mixed feelings abt coming home in 2 weeks. Excited to see everyone but not excited to lose myself again in the monotony. Hoping I can hold on to seeing myself clearly this time.

Sometimes my brain gets stuck on a thought and when I’m bored I argue with myself about it for hours. It’s so tiring lol. Lately I’ve been questioning the arguments evoked in some circles that pursuing goals of environmentalism implies a disregard with issues of social justice //implies a privilege of sorts that many are […]

Lately I’ve been wrestling with an exhaustion that had settled all over me. I can feel its roots stretch and tear as I pull against it. Thinking about how home can sometimes feel like a space made infinite by mirrors // an enclosed room that echoes my thoughts back to me in a cycle that […]

Takashi Kuribayashi / Entrances Stood inside these trees shaped by mirrors and saw a sky shot from deep below water.