Pink sky


Hmmmmmm the link between access to privilege and residual guilt.

The other day I got into an argument about //privilege// being insidious and invisible with someone who is very intelligent but blind to the power structures they benefit from. I got so sad and nervous I couldn’t properly communicate my anger. They saw it as a good-humoured argument but all I could see was the affirmation of years of subtle, subliminal hate and violent thoughts that might not in the moment be actively voiced but still exist and still need to be destroyed.

If the guilt you feel for occupying multiple spheres of power pushes you to defend those power structures or WORSE try and argue that you are indeed too, a victim at the hand of others (in this case victimised for your whiteness ~ cry me a fkn river ~) then you’re not merely expressing an opinion, you’re literally working against the emancipation and freedom of others. Anyway it made me really sad and angry for muliple days in a row, but at least the sunset was pretty todayy.

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