Reflections ’15


I remember lying on my old bedroom floor in the heat of last summer and thinking the year would hold nothing promising. Things that had structured my life were dissolving (relationship, peaceful family home, job, uni, etc -) and I didn’t think I had any energy to rebuild things.

I did get up though. I got employed three times and left twice and stayed at the last. I moved out with my best friends. I have a boyfriend who knows how much I like socks with cute images on them.

Leaving ’15 I no longer have a Mum, but I have a lot of friends and family who love me a lot, and who I love. I learnt sadness doesn’t make you strong, or more brave. But it does help you see the strength you already have.

I made lots of mistakes last year but I think things went better than planned, and I have good feelings for the future now; which I haven’t been able to imagine for a while. I think this year will be more sunny (^ . ^)

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