I can’t scan the rest of my pics until I get home but I’m putting up these coz it’s crazy I can already have cute n nostalgic memories about a trip I’m still on!! ^__^  these photos are sun-stained from 45 degree days in Portugal + Italy and already fading, fuzzing over in my mind. The last time I saw Laura and Charlie we were catching the 6am train back to our apartment in Bari after dancing all night on a dusty field;  too scat to talk and surrounded by quiet Italians heading to work.

I like putting my film pics here too (rather than Twitter or insta) because theyre so rough and mismatched, little fragments of my life that I don’t rly show anyone. I kind of hate my online presence most of the time but no one I know really looks at my blog haha so I can avoid that anxiety. my blog is just me and the things I’m thinking, and the less people who see it the happier I am which is confusing even to me.

I like the concept of online sharing I guess but not the aspect of exhibitionism; the way each of us internalizes this “audience” that we honestly believe to be real and strive to impress. Tbh the real audience is probably more alien and sinister than we can imagine and I don’t like capitalist motives influencing my social interactions w people I love…… Oh well i think i need to just stop using social media so much or just CHILL OUT

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