i’m finally studying animal law this semester  ! (i studied law to pursue enviro/animal law as a career of interest i’m rly not into corp or commercial law at all RIP my whole degree) but i’m feeling apprehensive..

loving n valuing animals and their habitat has been a huge passion of mine since i was little. But as i’ve grown and learned the social motivations behind such a thing now seem murky.

how can i advocate for the emancipation of animals from slavery/torture when the food industry as we know it (not just the meat industry too) relies on the ongoing oppression and slavery of actual human beings?

How can I as a white woman advocate for work animals to be freed, when my entire lifestyle is built on the manual labour of men, women and children born into a world that privileges some above others?

how can i encourage people to recognise the violence of the meat industry and discard these institutions when to do so requires a level of wealth and privilege that entire continents don’t have access to?

HOW can i actively engage in capitalist systems every day, and pretend that the destruction of animals and their eco-systems is anything other than a bi-product of my own lifestyle?

rip my brain

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