A few heavy days. Grandpa on my Dad’s side passed away, brought back complex feelings about his family and their disdain for my Dad and us. Dad proved them wrong tho in most beautiful eulogy i was proud :’)

Weird medical week of wisdom teeth removal coming up, and scary test results back next thurs :/// just trying not to think about it for now.

Had a nice thought w Laura about a phrase we heard, ‘the sea refuses no rivers’. Idk what it means but to me it’s gonna mean believing in my ideas gently n quietly as i move through places/people. No need to be forceful or insistent, let my self-belief be enough of a statement in itself.

Also lmaoo had to talk to the class about thesis idea and i alienated half the class already talking about weed n ongoing police persecution of minorities/lower-economic background drug users. puff pufff


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